Welcome to our little corner of the internet!


We are the Lantz Family and want to share a few things about ourselves. We have many different pages, please browse around and learn about our family.


A Heart for Healing

This my Wife's page. She share's her views and experiences with her faith.

Prayer Line

Along with my Wife's "A Heart For Healing" page she also does a prayer group, if you are in need of prayer or would like prayers for any situation please feel free to send them to her and she will add you to her list.


Lantz Family Blog

This is our blog page where we post general Idea's or interesting things we are in to

Recipe Blog

This page is just for people that crave food. This has all our Family Recipe's, along with some we have found from other places that we like to cook. This also has Recipes from our extended Family; parents, grandparents, aunts, ect.